Firefox Configuration


SafeVisitor uses the Firefox web browser for daily use. The reason for this is the Adobe Reader plugin. This plugin is required for accurately printing badges. You can login to SafeVisitor with any available browser but to accurately print a badge, you must use Firefox. 


SafeVisitor uses a webcam to take pictures of visitors and volunteers. This webcam is "always on" when scanning in a visitor so you are able to always take an updated picture if needed.

The first time check-in someone using SafeVisitor within Firefox, you will have to allow use of the webcam within Firefox. Below is the pop up you will see.   


The options you will want to select are:

  • Share Selected Device
  • Always Share

This is a one-time setting and will need to be done for each user account on a PC.


SafeVisitor uses the Adobe Reader plug-in within Firefox to display and print visitor badges. When you check someone in, the badge will be opened within a separate tab within Firefox. The first time you do this, you will need to enable popups for 


You will want to click the "Options" button and allow as shown in the screenshot below. This will need to be done for every user account on that PC. 


The Dymo 450 printer needs to have specific settings when printing from Firefox. The first time you go to print a badge, there are two settings that must be changed. 

You access these settings in the Printer Dialog by clicking on the Properties button. 

Once you are in the Properties you will want to change the Layout from Portrait to Landscape. 

While on the screen above, click on the "Advanced" button. This will bring you to the screen below where you will need to change the paper size to "30857 Badge Label".

This is a one-time change that you will need to make for any user on that PC.