Arrest Alert

Traditional background checks are historical once they are completed. Your volunteers, employees or contractors can commit a serious crime and you will not know about it unless it shows up in the news.

  1. Add employees, volunteers or contractors to monitoring database

  2. An Arrest triggers a notification

  3. Initiate an internal investigation immediately

Skyward SIS

SafeVisitor has a “real-time” integration with the Skyward Student Information System. Watch the video to learn more.


SafeHiring Solutions

Safe Hiring Solutions, founded in 2004, is one of the leading background screening firms in the U.S. with more than 7,000 clients throughout the world that consist of Fortune 500 companies, k-12 schools, higher education, international volunteer organizations, state and local government, insurance carriers as well as church and ministries.

The custom integration with SafeVisitor allows clients to create custom background screening packages for their volunteers, contracts and employees that can include more than 30+ different background screening solutions.


WA State Police WATCH

The Washington State Police has provided a custom integration with SafeVisitor Solutions. No longer needing paper or spreadsheets to manage your volunteers. Contact us today to learn more about SafeVisitor and our WATCH integration!

Learn about Integrated Background Checks


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