SafeVisitor Changes the Rules on Vendor Management

SafeVisitor is the most unique visitor management system available.  Most VMS claim to run "background checks" which typically means they conduct a low quality sex offender check on each of your vendors.  Or like most vendor management systems, you run the background checks then manually approve or deny them in the VMS.  

SafeVisitor is a comprehensive vendor management system that requires your vendors to pass a comprehensive national background check before they are SafeVendor Certified.

SafeVisitor is integrated with Safe Hiring Solutions, one of the fastest growing privately held background screening firms in the U.S. that includes more than 6,000 clients.

SafeVisitor is also integrated with RefLynk which provides automated reference checks.

Let Safe Hiring Solutions Do the Heavy Lifting

SafeVendor Includes FREE Vetting of Vendors


Let our team manage your vendor management program including comparing any criminal records against the SafeVendor Certified Policy which was developed by an advisory group of clients.  This allows your team to focus on other tasks and ensures that all SafeVendor Certified vendors have been vetted against the same standard policy.


Comprehensive Vendor Background Checks

Vendor Background Checks

SafeVisitor integrates with Safe Hiring Solutions to conduct comprehensive national vendor background checks.  Safe Hiring Solutions is an industry leader in high quality, deep background screening solutions in an industry that is noted for limited, low level screening.  Our team has years of experience in conducting high level background checks even for top government security clearances and our leadership team is frequently invited to testify in legislative bodies on background screening best policies.


  • Verification of Identity with Social Security Verification

  • Verification of Other Names

  • Verification of Address History

  • National Criminal Database Search

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • Federal Criminal Court Search

  • 10 Year Search of Counties of Residence for Criminal Records

What Does It Mean to be SafeVendor Certified?

SafeVendor Certification

Vendors must pass a rigorous background check that is evaluated by SafeVisitor Solutions before a SafeVendor Certified ID is issued.  All vendors must have an annual background check to maintain their SafeVendor Certified Status. 

This does NOT mean that a criminal history excludes you from being certified.  SafeVendor criteria was developed to ensure that those vendors who are certified have a non-violent criminal history as well as no theft or fraud in recent years.


  • No felony convictions for violent crime;

  • No felony convictions in the past eight (8) years for theft, drugs, property crimes, or fraud.

  • No misdemeanor convictions for violent crime, battery, domestic violence, stalking, theft, drugs, personal property or fraud in the past three (3) years.

  • No sexual offenses.

  • No crimes against children.

  • No pending cases for disqualifying felony or misdemeanors above.

  • No open warrants of any type.

Real-Time Background Checks with ArrestAlert


What happens when you complete a background check and a week later your vendor gets arrested for a serious felony?  That is the nature of background screening.  Until now.  Our new ArrestAlert can help you sleep better at night knowing that if one of your vendors is arrested for a prohibitive crime, we will freeze their certification pending court disposition.  


Real- Time Data

Research in real time.  ArrestAlert syncs your employee, volunteer or vendor list with a live jail management system.

Offender Details

Search provides DOB, SSN (many jails), photos, employer info, address at time of booking, incarceration date, release date, facility name.


Nationwide Search

Query over 2,900 criminal justice databases across the country for arrest and release information.

Arrest Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when a person of interest is booked into jail.

E-Sign for Policies & View Training Videos

Turn Vendor Forms into Electronic Process



SafeVisitor can convert your vendor policies, agreements & required training videos to an online e-process.  Provide your forms and we will drop them into your account as well as any links to internal or external videos on YouTube, Vimeo or similar host.

ID Allows Access to All SafeVisitor Facilities

SafeVendor ID


Certified vendors receive a Mobile App with a SafeVendor e-ID.   Being SafeVendor Certified allows vendors to scan into any facility using SafeVisitor.

Certified Vendors can also share a public access link to SafeVendor to clients NOT using SafeVisitor so they can verify a contractor's ID including photo and details of what is included in the background check and when it expires.