Comprehensive Visitor Management 

SafeVisitor is the first visitor management system built by professionals with decades of law enforcement, security, intelligence and military experience that integrates comprehensive background screening solutions from a global background screening firm to successfully screen all types of visitors to an organization.

More Than a Limited Sex Offender Check

Integrated Global Background Checks

A sex offender check is acceptable for low risk "temporary" visitors who are having no ongoing contact with vulnerable populations like students, children or the elderly.  However, these registries are terribly incomplete and should NEVER be used as a screening program for high frequency visitors who are having ongoing contact with vulnerable populations in your organization.

Our leadership team has more than 13 years experience in the background screening industry and continue to lead a Safe Hiring Solutions a global background screening firm that conducts more than 20,000 background checks a month for organizations that range from schools to professional sports.

Not all sex offenders are required to register AND many pre-date the implementation of sex offender registries.

We Don't Need Sex Offender Data on Visitors

SafeVisitor Sex Offender Search is Optional

SafeVisitor is a highly complex VMS but it is also client configurable.  If you are an organization that does not want to check your visitors against a sex offender registry, not a problem, we check a box and this functionality is turned off. 

SafeVisitor becomes an electronic logging system.

SV Screenshot.GIF


Excluded Parties List

Create Custom Exclusion Lists

Do you have people that are not allowed on your property?  Protective orders?  Custody orders?  Problematic ex-employees?  People who have trespassed?  Individuals who have made threats against your organization?

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of workplace violence.  Our CEO helped develop and implement one of the first community-based domestic violence programs with the Nashville Metro Police Department.  Stalking often bleeds into the workplace as victims flee their abusers and the one place they can be found is at work.

This happened earlier this year in San Bernardino, CA when a violent ex- husband showed up at the school where the victim taught and was able to bypass the front desk then shot and killed his ex-spouse and a student and severely injured another student.

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Visitor Pre-Registration

Can Visitors Pre-Register?

SafeVisitor creates a unique pre-registration link for each client that allows your visitsors to pre-register for a meeting.  What are the benefits?

  1. You know who is scheduled at your facility each day.

  2. You can verify before arrival if passed the Excluded Parties and/or Sex Offender Check.

  3. Process a pre-registered visitor in 15 seconds or less.

  4. Employee is automatically notified via email and text that their visitor has arrived.

Emergency Notifications

Integrated Emergency Notification

SafeVisitor has two types of notifications in the software and a communications group that has been configured for global or building notifications.  The Global group receives notice every time and emergency or denied entry is initiated.  This is designed for administrators and leadership.  The Building group also receives notification if it is in their assigned building so they can respond immediately.

  1. Deny Entry- When a visitor is denied entry the system sends a text & email.

  2. Emergency- When a visitor becomes unruly and you need immediate assistance.

The Emergency & Denied text/emails include a photo, name, name of building and attendant.