SafeVisitor Changes the Rules on Volunteer Management

SafeVisitor is the most unique visitor management system available.  Most VMS claim to run "background checks" which typically means they conduct a low quality sex offender check on each of your volunteers.  Or you are required to run your volunteer background checks manually and approve or deny them in the VMS.

SafeVisitor has changed the rules and became the first VMS to include comprehensive, integrated volunteer background checks.  You choose from 30 volunteer screening solutions to create comprehensive packages based on the level or access of the volunteer registration type.

SafeVisitor is integrated with Safe Hiring Solutions, one of the fastest growing privately held background screening firms in the U.S. with clients such as Kiwanis International, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, UNICEF and Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co.

SafeVisitor is also integrated with RefLynk which provides automated reference checks.

No Standard Definition of Background Check

A Sex Offender Check is NOT a Volunteer Screening Program

Many visitor management systems define a background check as a sex offender registry check.  Our leadership team has decades of experience with the background screening industry and have testified in state legislatures and worked with policymakers to develop best practices for background checks.

A sex offender check is NOT a background screening program.  No instant database of any type is a screening program.  Sex offender registries are historically outdated and do not contain all records on sex offenders.  Why are all sex offenders not on a registry or list?

  • Plea bargain does not require them to register as a sex offender.

  • Some states only require certain levels of sex offenders to register.

  • Sex offender convictions can pre-date the registry. Courts have determined if they were convicted before their state required registries then they cannot be required to register.

  • Most sex offenders only are required to register for certain terms i.e. 10 years

  • Data is not updated in a timely manner

Comprehensive Volunteer Background Checks

Volunteer Background Checks with Safe Hiring Solutions

SafeVisitor integrates with Safe Hiring Solutions to allow you access to more than 30 volunteer screening solutions which are used by more than 6,000 organizations worldwide including Kiwanis International, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs and K12 schools.

Screening Solutions can include:

  • Statewide Criminal Databases

  • Department of Child Services Checks

  • RefLynk Automated Reference Checks

  • Drug Testing

  • Driving Records


  • ID Verification

  • National Criminal Database

  • National Sex Offender

  • Federal Criminal Courts

  • County Criminal Courts

Re-Screening Interval

How Frequently Should We Re-Screen Volunteers?

There is generally no standard for how frequently you should re-screen your volunteers.  A few states define this in their laws but generally it is a policy decision for each organization.  Best practices range from every 2-5 years.

SafeVisitor can automatically manage the recheck process:

  • Define the frequency for a recheck. This can vary for different classifications of volunteers.

  • SafeVisitor begins emailing your volunteer 30 days before their background check expires with a link to complete a recheck.

  • You can define a lower level of recheck for your volunteer after they have completed the initial comprehensive check.

  • Volunteers ID expires if they do not initiate the recheck.

Real-Time Background Checks with ArrestAlert


What happens when you complete a background check and a week later your volunteer gets arrested for a serious felony?  That is the nature of background screening.  Until now.  Our new ArrestAlert can help you sleep better at night knowing that if one of your volunteers is arrested, you will receive a notification in real time.


Real- Time Data

Research in real time.  ArrestAlert syncs your employee, volunteer or vendor list with a live jail management system.

Offender Details

Search provides DOB, SSN (many jails), photos, employer info, address at time of booking, incarceration date, release date, facility name.


Nationwide Search

Query over 2,900 criminal justice databases across the country for arrest and release information.

Arrest Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when a person of interest is booked into jail.

E-Sign for Policies & View Training Videos

Turn Volunteer Forms to Electronic Process

vol screenshot.JPG


SafeVisitor can convert your volunteer policies, agreements & required training videos to an online e-process.  Provide your forms and we will drop them into your account as well as any links to internal or external videos on YouTube, Vimeo or similar host.

Volunteer Consortiums

Create a Community Volunteer Consortium

SafeVisitor works with communities to create a Volunteer Consortium so people who volunteer with multiple organizations- schools, church, youth sports, United Way, etc- can go through one background check and their SafeVisitor Mobile App allows them to volunteer across all the organizations in a community.

Mobile App & Geo-Fence

Approved Volunteers


Approved volunteers are provide credentials to download a SafeVisitor Mobile App which stores their electronic ID.  

The mobile app is also configured with GeoFencing that uses GPS technology to create a virtual fence around your organization, including each individual building or entrances, which helps identify when people enter or exit a defined area.  The SafeVisitor team will determine the GPS coordinates for each of your buildings and work with your team to set the GPS virtual fence as close or distant as you want to include or exclude parking lots.

Approved visitors running the mobile app will trigger their information being sent automatically through their mobile app to the front office attendant's computer as well as creating a log in the "Visitors Nearby Log".