SafeVisitor uses the Zebra/Motorola scanner for scanning Driver's License and Military ID Cards. This scanner is Plug & Play, meaning that you simply plug into an available USB port on your device. No software driver installation is required. You will hear a loud beep sequence to let you know the scanner is installed. 

You can use the scanner by pulling the trigger or you can place in the stand provided for it to be in "always on" status and ready for ID scanning. 


Before using the scanner for the first time, it's necessary to program the scanner to optimize it's use. This is done by simply scanning the QR code below with the scanner. You can do this directly on your monitor's display. 


SafeVisitor utilizes the 2D barcode that is found on the back of all US issued Drivers Licenses. This is a thick bar that is located on the back of the DL as shown below. 

This barcode contains all of the person's information that is found on the front of the license. This is a much more secure way of getting DL info as it is very easy to forge the front of a license. In the example above, you see there is a small linear barcode at the top of the license. It's possible to get a false reading from the scanner if it scans the linear barcode although there is programming within the scanner that looks for the 2D barcode first. A good trick to use is to place your thumb over the linear barcode at the top to allow the scanner to quickly catch the 2D code.