WA State Police WATCH


SafeVisitor has a custom integration with the WA State Police WATCH Background Check Database.  The integration, at NO cost to schools, allows your to convert the WATCH Program into a paperless process that also will manage re-submitting all of your re-checks.

Background Screening Solutions

SSN Verification

Verify your volunteers identity, including other names they have known by and address history.


national criminal Database

Contains criminal records from all 50 states and thousands of individual sources including county courts.


statewide criminal searches

Search of statewide criminal databases.


county criminal search

Search current and past counties of residence for criminal records.


national sex offender search

Search nationwide sex offender database from state & local law enforcement.


federal criminal courts search

Integrated search of the federal district courts in the U.S.


Automated Reference Checks

RefLynk is an automated reference checking software.


driving history

Verify volunteer has a valid DL and acceptable driving history.



What happens when you complete a background check and a week later your vendor gets arrested for a serious felony?  That is the nature of background screening.  Until now.  Our new ArrestAlert can help you sleep better at night knowing that if one of your vendors is arrested for a prohibitive crime, we will freeze their certification pending court disposition.  


Real-Time Data

Research in real time.  ArrestAlert syncs your employee, volunteer or vendor list with a live jail management system.


Offender Details

Search provides DOB, SSN (many jails), photos, employer info, address at time of booking, incarceration date, release date, facility name.


Nationwide Search

Query over 2,900 criminal justice databases across the country for arrest and release information.


Arrest Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when a person of interest is booked into jail.


Skyward: Student Information System