What Makes SafeVisitor Different?

Safety & Security is Who We Are

Our team has lived safety and security as highly trained former law enforcement officers, Secret Service Presidential Details, Navy Seal Cyber-Intelligence, school security directors and security software engineers.  We have provided thousands of hours of security training and consulting to organizations such as Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Department of Justice.

Mike McCarty - CEO - former MNPD Detective

Paul Dvorak - Board-  U.S. Secret Service

Dottie Davis - Board- FWCS Dir. of Security

Randy Celori- Board- Lake Stevens Schls Dir Security

Only VMS Integrated with Global Background Screening Firm

Screening Visitors First Step in Organizational Security

Most VMS promote background checks but this is normally a sex offender data search and possibly and excluded parties search.  Those are great tools for low risk, temporary visitors that are not having any contact with students.  SafeVisitor integrates with Safe Hiring Solutions to facilitate comprehensive national or international criminal background checks on frequent visitors like volunteers, vendors or student teachers.

Custom National Background Checks

Define your background screening package for each visitor type.  Our background screening firm conducts more than 18,000 background checks a month.  Learn more about background checks.

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  • National Sex Offender Check

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  • Mobile App

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What is the biggest fear in background screening?  You complete a background check today and tomorrow your employee, vendor or volunteer commits a serious crime and get's arrested.  And you do not know about it until a reporter shows up or you hear about it after the individual has harmed someone.  Our new ArrestAlert can notify you in real-time of any arrests.


Offender Details

Search provides DOB, SSN, photos, employer info, address at booking, incarceration & release date, facility name.

Nationwide Search

Query over 2,900 criminal justice databases across the country for arrest and release information.


Real-Time Data

Research in real time.  ArrestAlert syncs your employee, volunteer or vendor list with a live jail management system.

Arrest Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when a person of interest is booked into jail.

GEO-Fencing & Mobile App

GeoFencing uses GPS technology to create a virtual fence around your organization that helps identify when people enter or exit a defined area.  SafeVisitor will determine the GPS coordinates for each of your buildings and can create the virtual fence as close or distant as you want to include parking areas.  Approved visitors crossing the geofence will trigger their information being sent through their mobile app to the front office attendant's computer as well as creating a log in the "Visitors Nearby" log.