When using SafeVisitor, there are two different labels that can be used when printing temporary badges for your visitors and volunetters. 

The recommended badge is the Dymo 30911 12 Hour Self-Expiring badge. When first signing up for SafeVisitor, we provide 500 (2 boxes) of badges per entry. You do not have to purchase these badges from SafeVisitor when you run out. You are free to order from your favorite vendor such as Amazon. 

You can also use plain blank labels. The important thing is to make sure they are the correct size.                                                          The required label size for SafeVisitor is 2 1/4" by 4". 


When placing a roll of labels into the Dymo printer, they need to feed from underneath as shown. When you remove the spindle that holds the labels, you pull out on the right circular guard to slide the roll onto the spindle then slide the circular guard back on. If you are unpacking the printer for the first time, press the button on the front of the printer to remove the sample label. When you feed the front label on the roll into the printer, it will detect it and position it in the correct location.

Installing the Dymo Printer

The CD included in the box with your printer contains both Windows and Mac Drivers. If you do not have the CD you can always get the drivers from the Dymo website:      Windows       Mac

VERY IMPORTANT! Do not plug the usb cable into the computer until you have installed the driver! If you fail to do this, you may have issues with the printer setup that will drive you crazy!


The Dymo Self-Expiring labels have a unique feature. When you open the box there are actually two rolls of labels included. The large roll that you put into the printer and a small roll of white stickers as shown in the picture below. 

When you print a temporary badge, you place the small white sticker over the stop sign. After a couple of hours you will notice that the stop sign begins to "bleed" thru the small white sticker. By the end of the day, you will be able to clearly see the stop sign again. This is a security feature so that if someone walks up to the front desk later in the day or the next day, you will know immediately that they are holding an older or expired badge from a previous day. 

Here is an example of a badge with the Stop Sign covered. 

Here is the result when the Stop Sign has bled through the sticker.