Custome Background Checks

Safe Hiring Integration:

SafeVisitor integrates with Safe Hiring Solutions to allow you access to more than 30 volunteer screening solutions which are used by more than 6,000 organizations worldwide including Kiwanis International, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs and K12 schools.

Screening Solutions Include:

  • ID Verification

  • National Criminal Database

  • National Sex Offender

  • Federal Criminal Courts

  • County Criminal Courts

  • Statewide Criminal Databases

  • Department of Child Services Checks

  • RefLynk Automated Reference Checks

  • Drug Testing

  • Driving Records

Automatic Re-Screening

SafeVisitor Can Automatically Manage The Recheck Process:

  • Define the frequency for a recheck. This can vary for different classifications of volunteers. Best practices range from every 2-5 years.

  • SafeVisitor begins emailing your volunteer 30 days before their background check expires with a link to complete a recheck.

  • You can define a lower level of recheck for your volunteer after they have completed the initial comprehensive check.

  • Volunteers ID expires if they do not initiate the recheck.

Digital Volunteer Onboarding

Convert your volunteer policies, agreements & required training videos to a digital process. Provide your forms and we will drop them into your account as well as any links to internal or external training videos on YouTube, Vimeo or similar host.


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Track all visitors in each of your buildings with ease

All Core Features listed above


Enjoy faster processing, automatic notifications to your employee upon their visitor’s arrival, and verify whether the visitor passed the Excluded Parties and/or Sex Offender Check before they arrive.

Custom Exclusion Lists

Automatically deny entry to people that are not allowed on your property. This can include situations such as protective or custody orders, problematic ex-employees, people who have trespassed, or individuals who have made threats against your organization.

Facial Recognition

Create a “fast pass” for high-frequency visitors with 100% identification.

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Vendor safety through integrated background checks

All Core Features listed above

Vetting by SafeHiring Solutions

We’ll compare any criminal records against the SafeVendor Certified Policy which was developed by an advisory group of clients to provide high quality, deep background screening solutions.

Access to All SafeVisitor Facilities

Certified vendors receive a Mobile App with a SafeVendor ID. This allows vendors to scan into any facility using SafeVisitor or verify their ID to clients NOT using SafeVisitor.

Digital Volunteer Onboarding

Convert your existing volunteer policies, agreements, and required training videos to a digital process for new volunteers.

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