How Current Are SafeVisitor Background Check Checks?


Visitor management systems are vital for protecting schools and businesses from people that should not be there. It is always important to have a safe environment in schools, so all school visitors need to be checked against the Sex Offender Registry. SafeVisitor Solutions ensures that regular sex offender checks are maintained of all visitors in order to keep children safe.

Every single visitor who enters a school using SafeVisitor Solutions is required to scan their state issued ID. The scan will instantaneously run that person against the National Sex Offender Registry. Right then and there, the system will either accept or deny the visitor entry into the school. The Sex Offender Registry is continuously updated, so the registry is always current and reliable. Here is a short description of how the process works:

  1. The visitor enters the building and scans a state issued ID at the attendant’s station.

  2. The system instantly checks the visitor against the Sex Offender Registry, and the result appears on the attendant's computer screen.

  3. If accepted, the visitor is free to enter the building.

  4. If denied for any reason, the attendant is able to see this and can take the appropriate action.

With an instantaneous check against an updated Sex Offender Registry, the school can be certain that the building is safe, and that all visitors in the building have been thoroughly checked. If you would like to learn more about SafeVisitor Solutions, please join us for a free webinar! Please click here to register!