How Will SafeVisitor Improve School Employee Rechecks?


Background rechecks are vital to keeping a safe environment in schools and businesses.  Many schools have never required background rechecks for their employees after they have originally been approved for hire. An unfortunate truth is that we do not fully know another person, even if it is someone who we have worked with for many years. This is the major reason that rechecks are important.  

Indiana recently passed the House Enrolled Act 1079 that requires schools to administer background rechecks on school employees every five years.  This is a huge step in keeping students safer; however, it can be both a challenging and daunting task for school officials to manage these rechecks.  Luckily, these rechecks can be managed by SafeVisitor Solutions.

With SafeVisitor Solutions, the background recheck process can be automated and managed by the system.  This results in time saved and fewer mistakes that could arise while keeping track of who needs a recheck and when it is needed.  The software can work like this:

  • The school uploads a spreadsheet with all of its employees and their respective dates of hire. After this is done, the school is pretty much hands off other than adding new employees as they come on board and removing employees as they leave.

  • The system will start with rechecking the employees with the earliest hire dates, unless if otherwise specified by the school, and will continue updating rechecks from there.

  • If there is an issue or a failed check, the school will be informed, but if the recheck is clean, then they will just be uploaded into the system as a completed check.

  • Once an employee’s recheck is due, the system will send them reminder emails with a link to the background check to initiate the process.

The automation of these rechecks using SafeVisitor Solutions significantly decreases the amount of time spent by office administrators keeping checks monitored and current. They will not need to send out constant reminders, or chase people down to get their rechecks completed.  Only reports with issues will require attention, while checks that will be returning clear will be automatically entered as complete.  

This system for processing background rechecks will not only save the district time and consequently money, but will also ensure a safer environment for the school.

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