Can I Create Multiple Visitor Types in the Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system’s job is to identify and screen any visitors that enter a building. However, not all visitors are the same. This means that not all visitors should be treated and screened in the way. Some are frequent visitors such as vendors and part-time employees. Others may only pop-in once or twice a year. Can a visitor management system differentiate between visitors that may have never been within the facility from those who visit more frequently?

We cannot speak for all visitor management systems. However, our SafeVisitor visitor management software does have the ability to distinguish multiple visitor types in a simple and efficient manner. In fact, it is the first option when using the software. Our software main screen has three buttons, with the first two designated to determine the type of visitor.

How we classify different visitors:


Temporary Visitor:

A temporary visitor is any visitor that does not have frequent access to the building or facility. This would include parents entering a school building, business consultants, and some volunteers.

SafeVisitor ID Badge Visitor:

Visitors identified by a SafeVisitor ID badge are more frequent visitors that already have their existing background checks and vetting on file. This prior vetting means that these individuals no longer need to go through the check-in process each time they arrive at a building/facility. Examples of a SafeVisitor ID badge are janitors, volunteers, and employees.

In addition to the two types of visitors, a temporary visitor that is making a scheduled visit can also bypass the check-in.This can be done through a pre-approval process. For instance, a group of 20 volunteers all arriving at the same time would result in a long check-in line once arriving at the building. To avoid this, each volunteer can pre-register days before the arrival date, and receive vetting and screened beforehand. Once approved, each volunteer can then bypass the check-in with those who have a SafeVisitor ID badge. To expedite the process even more, a link to submit the background check can be added to any organization’s website.

Any visitor within an organization presents a potential liability, no matter how big or how small. Don’t leave security to chance - be proactive and screen any type of visitor with SafeVisitor.

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