Can Visitor Management System Take a New Photo Each Time Visitor Enters?

As the world of technology is ever-changing, it is vital for schools and businesses to keep up with those changes. This is especially true when it comes to visitor management systems. SafeVisitor Solutions is a visitor management system that is cloud based and can therefore make improvements easily and efficiently.


One important part of a visitor management system that is often overlooked is the capability to take a new photo each time a visitor enters a school or business. People often change in appearance making it especially important to always have an updated photo of every visitor. A few reasons why this is important is:

  • An updated photo can document any recent change in appearance.
  • In the event of a problem arising on site, an updated photo will make it easier to identify when necessary.
  • The updated photo will show the visitor's current dress which, when compared to the image on the badge, can verify that the badge is not expired.
  • The photo can be compared to the driver’s license picture as an added means of identification.

SafeVisitor Solutions software makes the process seamless and efficient. It works like this:

  • The visitor will arrive and walk up to the attendant working the station.

  • The monitor will have a reverse-facing camera directed at the visitor.

  • The visitor will scan his/her license.

  • The attendant will click a button on the screen to snap a picture of the visitor.

  • The updated picture will now be appear in the software.

Although this seems to be an insignificant detail, it can be an important factor in ensuring the safety of schools and businesses. With an updated picture of every visitor in the building, there will be less potential for confusion and more certainty regarding who has entered the premises. This simple process is a vital element in efficient visitor management.

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