How Can a Visitor Management System Keep Visitors Out Until They Are Vetted?

The first step in the security of your organization is controlling who comes in your front door. It seems like such a simple concept, but I am amazed day after day when I visit organizations, ranging from secure facilities to schools, just how little effort is placed into managing visitors.


As a police officer, one of the first things I tried to accomplish on a call was getting people seated.  Why?

Because when people are seated, they begin to calm down.  Even more importantly, when they were seated, I had more time to react if they decided to resist and rip my head off.

I have always been physically fit and pretty quick, but I was seldom the strongest guy in the room.  My reaction time might be fast but not always fast enough.  There is very little time to react when you already have allowed someone into your personal protective space.

If people are seated, I can see movement, and I can react to that before someone is on top of me. By having everyone seated, I am buying a little extra reaction time.

That is exactly the same concept behind our SafeVisitor Pre-Registration Program.  Why allow a temporary visitor to show up, enter a facility, and stand at the receptionist’s and then realize they are on the Excluded Parties List or on the Sex Offender Registry.

In this situation, space translates into safety.

Create a safe perimeter around your organization by including a link to pre-register for all meetings in your calendar invites.

How does this work?  It is pretty simple.

  • The visitor completes an online registration ahead of the event.

  • SafeVisitor runs a check on your Excluded Parties List.

  • SafeVisitor runs a check of the Sex Offender Registry (optional).

  • Visitors arriving soon are already on a tab on client’s dashboard.

  • Clients can scan a week in advance for any visitors and make sure they passed the background checks.

What if I have a large group?  

  • Use the same link above; or

  • Upload a spreadsheet.

  • All visitors are checked against the Excluded Parties Lists (and Sex Offender Registry if using)

  • Visitors remain in que until they visit.

How does a user register a visitor who has pre-registered?

  • Select the visitor on the Arriving Today tab.

  • Click on Up the arrow.

  • SafeVisitor prints a self-expiring ID badge.

  • If the visitor entered the name, email and/or mobile phone of the employee then SafeVisitor will send the employee an email/text that their visitor has arrived.

  • When visitor exits, they can:

    • Scan their barcode on temporary ID; or

    • User can click on the Down arrow to log out.

Now every visitor interaction is pre-vetted, and you know who they are allowed access to your facility.

If you would like to learn more about SafeVisitor, contact us or join us for a weekly demo by clicking here.