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How Does Geo-Fence Expand Your Security Perimeter?


In today’s world, security is always a topic of discussion for any organization. With the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, this topic will be discussed by many people over the next several weeks. There is no one method of security that works for everyone. Every organization has to evaluate their facilities, events, and business culture to determine the right mix of security options that will accomplish their goals.

At SafeVisitor, we take security seriously. We take it so seriously that we have formed an Advisory Board that includes a Secret Service Agent, a Cybersecurity Expert, and others who work or have worked in various areas of law enforcement and technology.  

Expanding your security perimeter is one way to have more control over how close people can get to your facilities before being recognized. One tool we use for this at SafeVisitor is Geofencing.

What is Geofencing?

“Geofencing” is a term that is foreign to many people. In simple terms, a geofence is a GPS hotspot. It is similar to a Wi-Fi hotspot that you would purchase from a phone carrier to give you Internet access within so many feet of the hotspot. Our SafeVisitor Visitor Management System, paired with our free mobile app, utilizes geofencing to alert you when someone with the app on their phone approaches your building.

Setting up a geofence is a simple process and does not require any additional hardware. First, you must determine the area you want to cover at a location. You may want to cover the entire building, the building plus parking, or maybe just the front entrance. Once that has been determined, the geofence is active and ready to be used.

To fully utilize the geofence in SafeVisitor, a few things have to be done by the person who has been vetted by your organization. They must :

  • Download the SafeVisitor mobile app. This app is available in both Apple and Android stores.

  • Enter their SafeVisitor badge ID number that they would have received via email and the email address they used to register with SafeVisitor.

Once completed, if they have visited a building before,  they will see their badge in the app along with their picture.

That is all that’s needed. When a person comes for a visit, they will open the app and make sure that Location Services is turned on. When they approach the building and step inside the geofence hotspot area, the attendant will see them on their dashboard in the Visitors Nearby tab. The moment they are within that hotspot, the system will log them in the Nearby Log. The attendant can choose to leave them in the Visitors Nearby tab or click the arrow next to them and check them into SafeVisitor. Either way, their arrival to your location has been logged by the system in an efficient manner.

Using a geofence can expand the perimeter of a location to allow you to see people on your property before they actually arrive at the front door. It’s just one tool that can be used in the security plan for your organization.

If you are interested in learning more about how SafeVisitor can protect your organization, you can sign up for a webinar by clicking HERE.